Laptop Screen Repair

laptop screen repair

Screen problems usually require laptop screen repair, although this is not always whats needed when the screen stops working.

A cracked laptop screen most of the time happens after a drop, someone steps or sits on it and bends the screen causing an internal laptop screen crack, or even an entirely cracked laptop screen.

This is not always the reason your screen may have stopped working, Sometimes the cable to the monitor can become lose overtime from opening and closing, and this will result in no display or a dim screen you can barely see.

However you would be surprised how many people leave their laptops on the floor, and the dog or baby steps right on it.

Before you know it, you need laptop screen repair.

How to Repair a Broken Laptop Screen

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How to repair a broken laptop screen is a common question wondered by many and can be a daunting task on some laptops and even worse if you have never attempted laptop screen repair before.

The most challenging screen replacement is usually found on Apple products because most of the MacBook screens glue into the frame. Replacing MacBook screens requires the shards of broken glass to be heated lightly and removed without damaging the LCD.

iMac Desktops, MacBook, and MacBook pros typically need both the glass and LCD to be replaced anyway.

With all that broken glued glass, you can only imagine the amount of work it requires to remove all the shards.

Sometimes repairing a broken laptop screen only requires a new cable or backlight inverter.

The cable sometimes gets worn out from opening and closing because they make the screen cable so short it causes a strain over time and loses contact with the laptop motherboard or damages the cord entirely.

The backlight inverter needs to be replaced if you can barely see the screen, but it’s possible to see it with a flashlight on it.

Whatever the case may be, Matt The Computer Man can aid you in laptop screen repair and sometimes we even have the parts in stock already.

Sometimes it’s not the screen that cracks but the board inside or a wire connection burn out. Meaning the laptop screen stops displaying. Some symptoms are a black screen or a static version of colors on it. People often think when that happens it’s a hard drive or problem internally with the system when it’s just a simple laptop screen replacement or faulty cable. It’s important not to press on your screen with your fingers or to poke it because you don’t want it to cause bad pixels or an internal laptop screen crack.

Even closing your laptop with earphones, notebook or even a pen or pencil inside of it can cause an internal laptop screen crack. It happens all the time; you leave your earbuds plugged in and put them on your keyboard. You slam the laptop shut and just like that you have yourself a broken laptop screen. Call Matt The Computer Man for a free laptop screen repair quote.

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