Why is my computer running slow all of a sudden

Why is my computer running slow all of a sudden?

If you’ve turned on your PC only to wait an absurdly long time to load your desktop. You’re probably wondering why is my computer so slow all of a sudden? don’t panic.Here are the most common reasons your computer is running slow, and how you can fix it. 1. It could be infected with viruses. Read More…

hard drive

10 Tips to Extend Hard Drive Life

1: Traveling with your External Hard Drives If you travel with your external hard drives, one of the best things you can do is have a protective case to put them in. I would also recommend trying to protect it by wrapping it in bubble wrap or even putting in between your clothes, anything that Read More…

parental control apps

Parental Controls Why and How They Work

How Do Parental Controls Work? What are Parental Controls? This is a commonly asked question these days with all the free websites around that could have content you would never want your kids to see. Parental Control works by being able to provide specific access to particular types of sites and also only individual sites Read More…

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