Laptop Water Damage Repair

laptop water damage repair

MTCM has the most advanced laptop water damage . repair solutions.

Computer water damage happens to everyone and everything, but It’s an unstoppable element and ruins almost everything it touches.

People spill everything from coffee, soup to even dropping their laptop in the bathtub. We all say this will never happen to me, and I’m always so careful with it. Water doesn’t care who you are it will damage your tech if you put the two together.

Some of the most common liquid damage is spills!

You can drop it directly on top of your device, and it will slowly leak through the keyboard in every nook and cranny. Simple enough water and tech just don’t get along, water conducts electricity which makes it dangerous.

MTCM has laptop water damage repair services for you if this unfortunate event does happen.

Our team has developed the most advanced Water Damage laptop Repair methods that have fixed thousands of computers(even one that sank to the bottom of a pool).

Most of the time you don’t even have to replace parts if you don’t power it on and drop it off right away, so drop it off for quick computer repair services to save yourself from needing to replace parts.

Why Laptop Water Damage Repair is so common

water damage laptop repair

When dealing with laptop water damage repair, the best thing to do is not use your device when it has come in contact with any liquid damage.

By bringing power to something that has any liquid damage you have a high chance of frying components.

If this happens, it’s more costly than a simple laptop water damage clean up and can potentially in some cases make the computer unrepairable.

However, if you have turned the laptop on there is still hope.

There are times where the spill doesn’t come from above but underneath the laptop.

You spill something on the table and don’t pick up your computer in time.

Maybe you didn’t notice it even went under the device. A lot of times the water or liquid will seep through the vents under the computer.

The cracks where it’s taken apart or even where the battery is placed causing damage to the battery.

The Unpredictable Water Damage

Now you are the one that follows the rules and doesn’t eat or drink around the computer, congrats!

One thing you forget is transporting your laptop. Is your laptop carry case waterproof?

Don’t forget about that, We can’t control the weather, and you don’t want to get stuck in the rain with your laptop.

Always make sure all your devices are in waterproof carrying cases.

Can a laptop be repaired after water damage?

The simple answer is yes, Sometimes you can be lucky enough just to have a real nice cleanup and save the whole thing!

If your feeling like your up for a challenge check out this great guide from Digital Trends

Other times there are components or replacement parts that need replacing.

Never power your device when water damage happens.

That can fry the motherboard or blow components or chips doing so.

Always bring your tech device to a certified technician to survey the damage and give you a quote on repair. Laptop Water Damage Repair cases must be taken apart to be thoroughly cleaned and inspected.

Try to follow our simple dos and don’ts for a smooth recovery!


  • Try to keep all liquid away from all devices
  • Never drink or eat directly over laptop
  • Put laptop on a Cooling fan that lifts it off table a few inches to prevent spills from below
  • If spills happen IMMEDIATELY unplug and turn off computer
  • Call MTCM and set up an appointment right away from us to rescue your device
  • Purchase plastic covers for your keyboard; nothing is 100% safe
  • Buy a waterproof carrying case for transportation

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