Local Game Console Repair & Restoration


Local Game Console Repair is right around the corner. After a long day of building and fixing here at MTCM, our favorite thing to do is game.

My favorite memories as kids were waking up Saturday morning and jumping on the Super Nintendo. Move over bugs bunny, here comes the real champ Mario and Yoshi! Luckily, Our team of local game console repair specialists at Matt The Computer Man will repair any issues possible.

Game consoles are getting more and more expensive these days.

Let our team help you keep them around longer and longer with preventative maintenance. From the new Xbox One, PlayStation 4
to the retro game consoles, we all know and love like the all-in-one Nintendo TV!


PlayStation 4 Repair

It’s more heard of that the new PlayStation 4 is having problems with reading the discs of all our favorite games, issues displaying, and hard drives have been known to be faulty. Let us save you the trouble of buying a new one with PlayStation 4 repair.

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Xbox One Repair

Xbox One Repair is becoming more common than we had hoped for on our new system. Running out of space on the hard drives is also a further constant frustration with new substantial-sized games that no longer fit on the game discs alone. Upgrade your Xbox One with a bigger hard drive or even an external, so that you can save more games to your hard drive. Not reading is even worse because you can’t play most games even when saved to the hard drive without the disc. Therefore, come in and get your system running the way you need it today.


Retro Console Repair

Retro Console Repair is hard to come by with all the new gaming systems that emerged. Gaming is all the rage so time to clean out the closet,  wipe the dust off, and restore all your retro consoles. Let’s get them working again, no blowing in the games to get them to read after a little tune-up. Our team can fix and restore just about any age or any version of your favorite retro consoles.

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