Computer Power Supply Repair Service

computer power supply repair service

Most of the time, if you press your power button and nothing happens, this is one of the many PC power supply failure symptoms that require computer power supply repair service. Your power supply converts the AC power coming in from the wall outlet into the DC power required to run your computer system. If your power supply is not functioning correctly, your computer will not turn on.

This can sometimes be a tough one to diagnose on your own.

A lot of the time we don’t even realize our power supply unit is also failing until the very end.

The power supply is the heart of every computer. It powers all the components and without it, you would have nothing. That’s why it’s important to know the warning signs of a bad power supply. These signs are easy to spot. For example, what happens when you push the power button on your computer? Does it turn on? If not, it’s probably a power supply issue. Also, if the computer won’t boot up, there’s probably an issue with the power supply. Another sign of a bad power supply is the smell. If your computer smells of burning, it’s probably the power supply. These are just a few of the symptoms of a bad power supply. Watch out for these signs, because if you ignore them, you’re going to be in for some trouble.

Most of the time our clients think it’s a hard drive, motherboard or OS system issue when in reality you just need computer power supply repair service.



A lot can cause a PC power supply failure which can make it hard to diagnose why your computer is not powering on, requiring you to need computer power supply repair service.

Most PC power supply failures happen after a big surge of power.

In South Florida, we are not shy on storms knocking out our power and the flickering of lights, and this is why having everything on a surge protector or battery backup is such a good thing.

When you have a power surge, the power can travel back into the power supply unit and cause damage to the inside of the computer. A surge protector helps prevent this from happening by eating up the excess electricity. However, the best way to protect your computer from surges is to get a battery backup. Then, the battery will kick in when there is a power outage and keep your computer running without shutting it off. In the long term, this is the best way to protect your computer.

Another cause of PC power supply failure could be due to a dead fan inside causing it to overheat.

The fan in your power supply helps keep everything on the inside cool and prevents overheating from occurring.

When the power supply gets too hot and overheats, they tend to burn up from the inside leaving you needing computer power supply repair service.

The main power supply inside a computer does a lot of work. It takes the presence of voltage and converts it into the presence of current for everything else in the computer to use. From the CPU to the monitor, the power supply is basically running everything. With electricity running through the components and then adding a lack of cooling down things, you can imagine how hot it can get. A power supply that is not operating at the optimal temperature can cause a computer to fail or become incredibly slow. Matt The Computer Man keeps the most common power supply’s in stock, so come in today for your computer power supply repair service.

Helpful Tips Of Do’s and Dont’s

All power supply units need replacing after a while, nothing lasts forever!

So it’s good to try to follow our tips of dos and don’ts to help prevent power supply failure and when it does happen, bring it to us at MTCM so we can fix it for you fast.

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